Looking for SDL Trisoft? It's now known as SDL LiveContent Architect, part of the new integrated SDL LiveContent solution.

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DITA Training for SDL Content Manager

Duration: 3 days

Course Outline: This class introduces the DITA XML specification for those who have never used it, with a focus on preparing to implement DITA in KNowledge Center Content Manager, and includes a brief overview of Content Manager.

  • Basic DITA concepts and authoring
  • Training and practice using the XMetaL authoring tool on your documents
  • Help client choose a document or small document set for the quick start

: Provide foundational knowledge of the DITA standard and provide guidance on consideration points for your DITA implementation.

SDL Content Manager User

Duration: 2 days

Course Outline: This class provides an overview of the SDL Knowledge Center Content Manager system. Once that Foundational knowledge is covered, the training continues to discuss and show examples of typical SDL Content Manager daily activities for authors, information architects and project managers. This includes using the Web Client, Publication Manager and the Authoring Bridge. This session is delivered as demonstration and lecture, with student labs and examples. Interactive discussion is encouraged.

Goals: Provide foundational knowledge of the SDL Content Manager system and how to use it.

SDL Content Manager Administration

Duration: 1 day

Course Outline: For Knowledge Center administrators and super-users, this class offers information about configuring client tools; security, users and user groups; creating editor examples; working with graphics; importing or migrating content; configuring the search collection; the installation process and troubleshooting.

Goals: Prepare software and system administrators to manage a Content Manager system.