XML Professional Publisher 

XPP Essentials

Prerequisite: None

Course Outline
: This 5-day fundamentals course is intended for all XPP users and style developers, and is beneficial to programmers, managers and system administrators whose workflow involves XPP. This course is a prerequisite for all other XPP courses.

Intermediate Styles

Prerequisite: XPP Essentials

Course Outline
: This three-day class is designed for XPP users who will be creating or modifying styles. You will create a comprehensive style that will automate page layouts, typography, H&J parameters, vertical justification and other formatting components. You will also learn how to manage styles for reuse in other documents. This course involves a comprehensive review of all style sheets that make up a style “bundle.”

Tabular Essentials

Prerequisite: XPP Essentials

Course Outline
: In Tabular Essentials, you will learn how to create and modify tables, apply standard tabular styles, and override the styles on a table-by-table basis. You will also learn how to analyze and create tabular styles for efficient tabular production. This one-day course incorporates the CALS table model as well as XPP tables.

XPP Macro Language

PrerequisiteXPP Essentials, XPP Intermediate Styles, 4-8 weeks hands-on experience working in XPP with your own publications

Course Outline: This four-day class is the next step for style developers who have completed Intermediate Styles and have had time to apply these skills to actual publications. You will expand your use and knowledge of XPP-delivered macros, and learn how to write increasingly complex macros to achieve formatting tasks. You will also learn how to manage customized macros for reuse among publications.


Prerequisite: XPP Essentials, and experience using SDL XPP

Course Outline
: If you plan to frequently add fonts to your system, especially pi fonts, this course is for you! This class provides an overview of how an XPP division uses a font. It covers several components of an XPP font environment including font libraries, font width files and other related font specs, font width tests, download tables and encoding tables. You will install text fonts and non-text (pi) fonts using the font utilities Font Copy and BuildFAST. You will also learn how to integrate a pi font into the overall font environment so that it may be easily accessed using alternate keyboards or character entities. The class includes tips and techniques for troubleshooting font problems.   This is a one- to two-day class depending on your font environment.

XPP Administration

Prerequisite: XPP Essentials or equivalent experience or knowledge of XPP and user interface

Course Outline
: This one-day class provides a review of the XPP Server and client environment, including the file system organization; third-party software; and touch points to the operating system, such as system variables and services; the XPP Administration tool; and display customization. This is useful for server administrators and XPP administrators or super users, or anyone who needs to configure and manager an XPP system. The class is intended for 1-3 people, using your own XPP environment.

XyPerl and Advanced Macro Writing

Prerequisite: XPP Essentials recommended, Intermediate Styles, Macro Language, at least three months style development experience. For XyPerl only class, experience in Perl development is required.

Course Outline
: XyPerl is a must-have skill for today's XPP style developer. XyPerl allows you to solve many composition problems that were difficult or even impossible to solve before. We are offering the course in two combinations: Two days of basic Perl training followed by two days of XyPerl training, intended for those who do not have Perl programming experience; or two days of XyPerl only for those who already know Perl.