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SDL Web Developer Course

This is a hands-on introduction for Developers and Technical Team members to SDL Web. You will be introduced to Digital Experience Accelerator (DXA) methodology by creating content-driven websites through ASP.Net / Java MVC.

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SDL Web 8 Technical Delta Course

This course provides working examples and experience of implementing technical aspects of SDL Web 8.

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SDL Web 8 System Administration Course

The course is designed to provide attendees with a high‐level architecture overview of SDL Web 8, including some of the key features and concepts.

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Summer Classroom 2 for 1 Offer

During August and September we will have a 2 for 1 offer on all Web Classroom Courses. Discount is applied when 2 people register for the same classroom course.

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SDL Web Editor Course

Our new 2 day The Web Editor Course will guide editors and business users through the main concepts and best practices needed to manage their SDL Web Implementation. During the course an editor will learn how to create an entire new website section, using most SDL Web features and functionalities whilst taking advantage of the combined use of both SDL Web Interfaces.

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SDL Web 8 Business Course

This course introduces SDL Web Content Management and will show how SDL Web is structured, which items are used to manage and organize content and websites and how to design and implement a BluePrint structure.

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We offer education opportunities for everyone in your organization who uses SDL Web. Our courses use the most recent best-practices and technology available and are taught by subject matter experts with real-world implementation experience.

We offer our Training Tracks and Courses in our Training Centers in Amsterdam (NL), Maidenhead (UK), San Jose (CA, USA), and Wakefield (MA, USA upon request). This classroom training is open for our clients, our partners or any other IT service provider. 

In addition to our standard training, we can customize training for your specific organization, implementation and WCMS roadmap.

Below, you'll find a brief description of all the courses within our course portfolio. Take a browse through the many course options, or look at the course tracks designed for specific business needs.

Our courses

SDL Web BusinessSDL Web Editor

Participants: Business Users

Course content: The course describes the features and benefits of the SDL Web interfaces

Prerequisites: None 

Topics included:

  • Foundation
  • Advanced Foundation
  • Blueprint & Authorization Model
  • Functional Design and Content Model

Participants: Editors

Course content: Editor course

Prerequisites: None

Topics included:

  • Foundation
  • Advanced Foundation
SDL Web DeveloperSDL Web Technical Delta

Participants: Technical Developers

Course content: Web Developer Course

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of ASP.Net MVC

Topics included:

  • Overview of DXA
  • Introduction to ASP.Net MVC
  • Areas and Modules
  • Views and view Models
  • Managing Resources and Configuration
  • Page includes and Site Layout
  • Automation / Experience Manager

Participants: Developers, Architects and System Administrators

Course content: This course provides working examples and experience of implementing technical aspects of SDL Web 8.

Prerequisites: Technical knowledge of SDL Tridion 2013

Topics included:

  • Topology Manager
  • Discovery Service
  • API Update Overview
  • Content Manager Tracing
Experience Optimization (Technical)Experience Optimization  (Foundation)

Participants: Programmers and Developers 

Course content: Implementing SmartTarget

Prerequisites: Foundation training and SmartTarget Foundation

Topics included:

  • Implementing SmartTarget
  • Optimizing use to meet business requirements

Participants: Corporate Communication and Marketing Business Users 

Course content: Creating targeted Campaigns using SmartTarget

Prerequisites: Foundation training

Topics included:

  • SmartTarget functionality
  • Creating targeted campaigns
  • Measuring campaign results
SDL Web Developer (Legacy)SDL Web System Administration 

Participants: Technical Developers

Course content: Modular Templating, .Net Templating and Content Delivery

Prerequisites: Foundation

Topics included: 

  • Templating
  • Content Delivery
  • Site Layout
  • Areas and Modules
  • Experience Manager
  • Best Practises and common issues

Participants: System Administrators and Architects

Course content: High level Architecture overview of SDL Web 8

Prerequisites: Foundation

Topics included: 

  • SDL Web core including Experience Manager
  • Audience Manager
  • Topology Manager
  • Discovery Service
  • SDL Digital Experience Accelerator
  • SDL Content Porter

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